Untrue – Burial ★★★★


Untrue is one of the most consistent albums in terms of song quality, sound, speed and vibe I’ve ever listened to. It’s subtly brilliant and one of a kind, which makes it so easy to overlook.

Without true lyrical lines or major dynamic shifts, it’s easy to dismiss it as simple. Without much variation in tempo or the looping drum tracks, it’s easy to dismiss it as boring. And with the same electronic sound palette of glitchy clicks, moaning foghorn bass and processed voices used essentially from start to finish, it’s easy to dismiss it as repetitive and all sounding the same.

But that’s also the beauty of the album. Each song meshes with the next track, meticulously builds upon the groundwork that came before it, and perfectly stands on its own as a cold, haunted, twisted soundscape of isolation and futuristic oblivion. It’s surely not an album that is for everyone, but Burial’s vision and craftmanship here stand up admirably alongside the efforts of the best ambient, dubstep and trip-hop producers ever.

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