NCAA Football: 2013 Preseason Top 25 Deli Poll

There’s the USA Today Coaches Poll, The Harris Poll, The Legends Poll, and now, one week before the start of college football, I would like to introduce The Deli Poll, the newest measure of college football success.

1)   Alabama

2)   Ohio State

3)   Stanford

4)   Georgia

5)   Texas A&M

6)   Louisville

7)   Oregon

8)   Florida

9)   South Carolina

10)                  LSU

11)                  Florida State

12)                  Clemson

13)                   Michigan

14)                   Oklahoma

15)                   Texas

16)                   Notre Dame

17)                  Oklahoma State

18)                  Northwestern

19)                  Nebraska

20)                  Boise State

21)                  Utah State

22)                  Wisconsin

23)                  Oregon State

24)                  UCLA

25)                  USC

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