My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West ★★★★★

2010My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyKanye West★★★★★99Hip-Hop

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of those albums that, when you throw it on, it’s impossible not to sing along to the entire way through. From the Nicki Minaj introductory monologue and Kanye’s masterful opening verse, to the Bon Iver sample leading into the album’s energetic closer, MBDTF is 68 minutes of hip-hop perfection.

The album’s full of memorable lines, funny moments, and catchy hooks, not just from Ye, but the all-star cast of characters—Rick Ross, Pusha T, Jay Z, Rihanna, John Legend, Justin Vernon—all performing at their highest levels.

When this album was release in 2010, to that point it was the most well-crafted hip-hop album I’d ever listened to, specifically the production. Every track twists and turns in beautiful ways that you usually wouldn’t expect from a hip-hop beat, with the vocals mixed in as another layer.

Hip-hop has come a long way since 2010, and Kanye West as both a person and an artist isn’t at all what he was at his peak, but regardless of what you think of Kanye nowadays, there’s no denying Dark Twisted Fantasy’s glory and place in music history.

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