2000 – Grand Puba ★★★

19952000Grand Puba★★★56Hip-Hop

The production here is the star. Grand Puba’s 2000 features some smooth, chill, jazzy hip-hop production that’s really easy to listen to. There’s a nice, laid back kick drum, some soul samples and nice bass lines.

It’s just a step below A Tribe Called Quest’s signature sound, and overall feels a little like a generic, but it still works and is a good record to throw on and have grooving in the background to create the right mood. 

The lyrics overall are very average, and Puba’s performance is energetic but not too memorable, so there isn’t too much depth to be drawn to. But, if you don’t try to compare it to the best jazz rap records and artists of all time, it gets the job done and fits into the genre just fine. “I Like It” and “A Little of This” are the two signature songs here, and “Amazing” is pretty solid, too. 

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