Mutations – Beck ★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1998 Mutations Beck ★★ 43 Rock Alternative Rock The first of Beck’s soft rock, no nonsense efforts, Mutations is almost offensively inoffensive.  The songs are slow, they don’t really go anywhere, and Beck doesn’t do anything to impress or really even show any kind of emotion in his vocalContinue reading “Mutations – Beck ★★”

The Stone Roses – The Stone Rose ★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1989 The Stone Roses The Stone Roses ★★★½ 73 Rock Psychedelic Rock Madchester The Stone Roses’ 1989 self-titled debut album is a little disjointed and underwhelming at times, but overall the band brings a lot of good songs to the table and moves in a bunch of different directionsContinue reading “The Stone Roses – The Stone Rose ★★★½”

Forever and Ever – SALES ★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2018 Forever and Ever SALES ★★½ 50 Rock Indie Pop Bedroom Pop Forever and Ever by SALES is a stereotypical bedroom pop record, with sweet, dreamy vocals; soft, gentle guitar; do-it-yourself drum programming and production; and teenage diary-style lyrics. For the most part, albums like this are pleasant backgroundContinue reading “Forever and Ever – SALES ★★½”

The Impossible Kid – Aesop Rock ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2016 The Impossible Kid Aesop Rock ★★★ 60 Hip-Hop The Impossible Kid is a fine album from a rapper who’s a holdout from an era of underground, electronic alternative New York-based hip hop that never really thrived or flourished into the mainstream. While most of Aesop Rock’s peers fromContinue reading “The Impossible Kid – Aesop Rock ★★★”

Brother, Sister – mewithoutYou ★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2006 Brother, Sister mewithoutYou ★★★½ 65 Rock Alternative Rock Indie Rock mewithoutYou brings together a nice mix of mid-2000s indie rock styles on Brother, Sister — garage rock, punk, post punk, art rock, some folk, some emo.  I tended to enjoy the punk end of the spectrum here —Continue reading “Brother, Sister – mewithoutYou ★★★½”

Technique – New Order ★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1989 Technique New Order ★★★½ 70 Rock New Wave Alternative Dance I really enjoy New Order’s Technique because it fits perfectly into its time period. Are the lyrics corny? Sure. Are the synths and dancy percussion over the top? You bet. Do their basslines take the lead from theContinue reading “Technique – New Order ★★★½”

Little Oblivions – Julien Baker ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2021 Little Oblivions Julien Baker ★★★ 63 Rock Indie Pop On Julien Baker’s third record, Little Oblivions, she shifted from her indie, stripped down, vocal-focused sound to a more high-end, pop rock production style. I think the introduction of drums, more piano, and distant, colorful synth keys were aContinue reading “Little Oblivions – Julien Baker ★★★”

Pang – Caroline Polachek ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2019 Pang Caroline Polachek ★★★ 56 Pop Indie Pop I’m a big fan of creative pop albums, but I was surprisingly underwhelmed by Pang, Caroline Polachek’s third solo record. A lot of the disappointment comes from her repetitive, elementary lyrics throughout the album.  Listening to Polachek’s lyrics mostly feltContinue reading “Pang – Caroline Polachek ★★★”

6 Feet Beneath The Moon – King Krule ★★★★

Year Album Artist 2013 6 Feet Beneath The Moon King Krule ★★★★ 78 Rock Jazz Rock Alternative R&B 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is full of emotion, coming from a deep, raspy voice sung by an at-the-time 19 year-old, thin, ginger kid from London. It’s sparsely produced, with soft, mostly guitar and drum tracks thatContinue reading “6 Feet Beneath The Moon – King Krule ★★★★”

V – The Horrors ★★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2017 V The Horrors ★★★★½ 86 Rock Psychedelic Rock Alternative Dance It’s interesting to have a band produce two great, very different sounding albums almost 10 years apart, with a lot of underwhelming, uncreative and forgettable stuff in between, but that’s what the Horrors did in 2018 when theyContinue reading “V – The Horrors ★★★★½”