Drunk Tank Pink – SHAME ★★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2021 Drunk Tank Pink SHAME ★★★★½ 87 Rock Alternative Rock Post Punk Shame’s 2018 debut Songs of Praise was my second favorite punk album of the 2010s, behind Idles’ Joy as an Act of Resistance. Praise was fun, high-energy alternative rock that was easy to listen to and straightforwardContinue reading “Drunk Tank Pink – SHAME ★★★★½”

Little Oblivions – Julien Baker ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2021 Little Oblivions Julien Baker ★★★ 63 Rock Indie Pop On Julien Baker’s third record, Little Oblivions, she shifted from her indie, stripped down, vocal-focused sound to a more high-end, pop rock production style. I think the introduction of drums, more piano, and distant, colorful synth keys were aContinue reading “Little Oblivions – Julien Baker ★★★”

Blue Weekend – Wolf Alice ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2021 Blue Weekend Wolf Alice ★★★★ 83 Rock Shoegaze Dream Pop I was a big Wolf Alice fan back when their debut album came out in 2015, but their 2017 follow up lacked a lot of the emotion and raw energy that drew me to the band to beginContinue reading “Blue Weekend – Wolf Alice ★★★★”