by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

We’re one week away from knowing the answer.

Oklahoma is standing at #3 right now, but remember that their season is over. They won’t have any more chances to earn points because the Big 12 doesn’t have a championship game, and playing only 12 games instead of 13 will always hurt teams in the Big 12. A team can’t get credit for a game they don’t play.

This mean that the winner of Iowa vs Michigan State, as well as Clemson if they win the ACC should pass Oklahoma pretty easily.

Stanford also has a chance to squeak by Oklahoma (or even Alabama if they lose to Florida) if they take care of business in their game against USC.

The only other team that has an outside chance of cracking the top four is North Carolina. Doing the unthinkable and beating Clemson won’t be enough, but if they win and Stanford loses, they’ll have a shot.

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Update 11/29 2:50 p.m.: I double checked and went through every team’s points again for the whole season to make sure I had the math right. I found a few half point errors here and there, and as a result, Oklahoma moved down from #2 to #3, and Michigan and Northwestern swapped positions. Everything else stayed put.




by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

There are only two weeks left in the college football season, but they’re the most important of the year and could cause the most movement in the ranks.

Rivalry week will bring up key games between ranked teams: Florida vs. FSU, Notre Dame vs. Stanford, Baylor vs. TCU, Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State, Ohio State vs. Michigan, UCLA vs. USC, Texas A&M vs LSU, and Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State. Also, one-loss Navy and Houston will square off to see which team was the best of the mid majors this season, and the winner will most likely find themselves in the top 25 at season’s end.

The most notable losses this week were Ohio State and Oklahoma State, but former undefeated teams that lost to games against their conference’s toughest competition. Oklahoma State still has an outside chance if they take care of business against Oklahoma, and some of the team’s ahead of them fall. Ohio State needs a lot of help from things out of their control and would have to win against two really difficult opponents to jump up into the top 4. It could happen, but it’s highly unlikely.

One team to keep an eye on is North Carolina. They haven’t lost since the first week of the year, and if they can somehow upset Clemson in two weeks, they would have a really strong resume. Probably not top-4 worthy, but it’s cool to see a new face near the top.

cfb week 12

Becoming a Superfan: Introducing, the Bacon Boys

by Nick Alberico (@MeadowsLeague)

Meet Dwayne Bacon, the 6’7” athletic dynamo from Lakeland that became FSU’s first 5-star recruit since Micheal Snaer inexplicably committed to the school back in 2009. A McDonald’s All-American and the 2015 All-American Dunk Competition champion, Bacon led Oak Hill Academy to an unblemished 45-0 record his senior year with a mix of physical dominance, shooting prowess, and swagger. Bacon is the biggest thing to happen to FSU hoops since $1 Hot Dog Day was introduced a few years ago, and is clearly a man–and a name–to be celebrated.

Despite never having the opportunity to see him play in person, Mr. Bacon has the distinct honor of being my favorite player on the team. The freshmen brings a certain confidence and poise this year’s squad needs if it wants to go back to the NCAA tournament for the first time since FSU won the ACC Tournament in 2012.



by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

There are only three weeks of games left before the College Football Playoff, but there is still plenty of time for things to change near the top of the polls with rivalry week and conference championship games on their way.

One rank I would like defend is Ohio State at 12. I know they’re defending champions and they’re undefeated, but the best two teams they’ve played this season are Minnesota and Penn State, neither of which are all that impressive, and they haven’t completely blown out the weak teams they’ve been up against either. This shows that these ranks are doing their job: to grade a teams based on what they’ve done so far this season, and not to factor in their preseason perception. Also, just because Ohio State is ranked 12 doesn’t mean they’re far out of the playoffs. Their last three games will be against Michigan, Michigan State, and Iowa in the Big 10 Championship game, and if they win all three, there’s no way they get left out.

Another similar situation has been happening in the Big 12. The top teams in the Big 12 were all lower than their record would probably indicate for the majority of this season because they all scheduled their hardest games the last three weeks of the season. Therefore, even with one loss already, Oklahoma, TCU and Baylor have a chance to really jump up the rankings if any of them go through these last three games unscathed. That would, however, require them to beat undefeated Oklahoma State, who’s the best chance for the conference to cement themselves in the playoff picture.

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by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

There were a lot of games between ranked teams in week 10, and as a result a lot of change near the top of the rankings. Clemson clinched their division, and beat FSU for the first time in four seasons, making them a pretty strong number 1 with a really good chance to go undefeated. Even with one loss, Alabama cemented themselves in the playoff race by beating LSU. TCU, who hadn’t been tested by a decent team all season, lost big to Oklahoma State, who is now up in the top 4 and has two more chances to impress to close out the season. Also in the top four, Iowa, probably the most consistent Big 10 team this season. Iowa’s only flaw is they have had a very week schedule and their only chance of being test is in the Big 10 Championship game.

Undefeated teams that lost this week were LSU (dropped from 1 to 8),TCU (3 to 12), Michigan State (8 to 15),   Memphis (21 to unranked), and Toledo (23 to unranked).


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FSU Men’s Basketball Opener

Tonight, the FSU Men’s Basketball team started its 2012-2013 season at home against the University of South Alabama, with a 76 – 71 defeat.  The Noles’ opening day starting line-up, a question mark going into the game, featured guard Michael Snaer, forwards Ian Miller and Okaro White, Center Kiel Turpin, and guard Terry Whisnant II. (more…)

The Scout Team: How the unknowns play an important role in College Football today

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

Every Florida State sports fan knows that EJ Manual is our Heisman-hopeful starting quarterback. Fewer know about his backup, Clint Trickett, who sees some game action from time to time.  Hardly anybody knows the other six quarterbacks listed on the Seminole’s roster.  So who are they?  A look through the roster shows that there’s a surplus of players at every position.  Out of FSU’s 130 registered football players, just over 60 have actually seen game action in 2012.  These extra players make up a unit known as the scout team, a valuable group of players with a surprisingly heavy load: prepare the starters each week by learning and imitating the upcoming opponent’s offense, defense, and special teams. (more…)