Album Review: Some Nights

Some Nights

Album Rating: 2/5
Album Length: Just Right
Album Feel: No


Whoever decided on the songs Fun. should release as singles should be very proud.  They successfully chose Some Nights’ three best tracks as the band’s radio debuts.  Nobody will deny that the tandem of “We are Young,” “Some Nights,” and “Carry On” are almost on par with Adele’s 2011 radio explosion.  The tracks sound pretty different than other singles on pop radio, and have extremely catchy choruses and memorable lyrics.  However the rest of the album is close to unlistenable, with really corny lyrics and, at many times, obnoxious instrumentals.  Fun. struggles to find their identity throughout, mixing acoustic guitar and piano with marching band instruments, tribal drums and synths.  Are they a folkie indie rock band, a pop group, or something completely different?  Their second album (first in the public eye) may have spawned 2 smash hits, which will be plenty to build a following and warrant a listen when their next album comes around, but really left a lot to be desired.

Key Tracks: “We Are Young”, “Some Nights”, “Carry On”

Worst Tracks: “One Foot”, “It Gets Better”

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