#22. Colorado Rockies: MLB 2013 Preseason Power Rankings

#22. Colorado Rockies800px-Toddhelton1

Team Ace: Jorge De La Rosa

Most Valuable Position Player: Troy Tulowitzki

Breakout Candidate: Jhoulys Chacin

Notable Offseason Additions: Jorge De La Rosa (injury)

Notable Offseason Losses:

Biggest Team Weakness: Pitching


The Rockies are a team that’s fun to watch but hard to root for.  Their games are always filled with offensive firepower coming from both sides, and this year’s squad shouldn’t be any different.  We know we’re getting a superstar with Carlos Gonzalez.  CarGo, along with Michael Cuddyer and Dexter Fowler, should make the outfield dangerous on offense and defense.  We also know what a healthy Troy Tulowitzki can do for both sides of the ball at shortstop, but the rest of the infield is a huge liability.  Todd Helton is OLD and injury prone, and shouldn’t be playing close to everyday for any team, let alone still playing the field.  And unless you’re a huge Rockies fan, I doubt you can name the teams starting second or third baseman (Here’s a hint: Their names are Chris Nelson and Jonathan Herrera.  Now, where do they play? ).  Josh Rutledge filled in well for Tulowitzki when he went down last season and could be an asset this season if he can win the starting second base job.

I know that Coors Field is a hitter’s park, and that inflates the ERA of Rockies’ pitchers.  But that can only be blamed for so much.  The fact is that the Rockies were constantly being outscored at home, and if they put up 10 the other team found a way to score 12.  It’s not the offense’s fault, or that of the pitching staff honestly.  Management has neglected to add a leader into the group, or a player that has proven in the past that he can pitch atop a rotation.  They finally get Jorge De La Rosa back from injury which could be huge if he’s pitching like he was back in early 2011, but even at his best he can’t do it alone.  Jhoulys Chacin needs to have a standout season, something fans have been expecting for some time now.

If the Rockies can get themselves on the other end of some of those high scoring affairs, they’ll have a decent record, but if their pitching can’t slow teams down, they’ll wear themselves out.

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