Best Albums of the 2010s

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

We’re already six years into the 2010s, so I thought it would be a good time to list my favorite albums of the decade, so far anyway. This is a tentative list, so as I hear new things and change my mind on other albums the  list list will be update. I’ll try to do it regularly,  but at the very least I’ll add new albums to it at the end of each year. (more…)

YEAR IN REVIEW: My favorite songs of 2013

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

This year had a TON of really good rock songs, partly because there were a lot of solid albums (consequently, there are a lot of repeat artist). Luckily I liked a lot of singles too, so the list is a really nice mix of things. There aren’t that many pop or hip-hop stations in Minnesota so I wasn’t exposed to this as much as I have been in the past, but I was able to find 30 songs that I actually liked by artists that I THINK are on pop stations, or would be considered a dance song.  I’m sorry about all the Justin Timberlake songs, but that’s what happens when an artist releases 2 albums in the same year. In hip-hop, 2013 was really bad year for good hip-hop, and there was so much promise going in.  Big names in the genre like Kanye West, Tyler, The Creator, Jay-Z, Drake,  and Lil Wayne all released records that vastly disappointed, as did promising up and comers like Childish Gambino, J. Cole, and Big Sean.  And for the first time in a long time, we didn’t have a hip-hop smash hit that everyone recognized and got excited about when they heard it on the radio (I guess “Suit and Tie” might fit the bill, but it’s a real stretch calling that a Hip-hop song to begin with).


NFL End of the Year Power Rankings

I know I haven’t posted one of these in a while but I figured I’ll do one for the end of the season.  These are the best teams in the league right now, taking into account injuries and momentum (but not a lack of a head coach in some situations).  Most of my opinions are based on which teams I think would win on a neutral field right now, meaning 1 would beat 2, 2 would beat 3, and 31 would beat 32. (more…)

2013 MLB Year-End Awards

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

With the World Series in full swing I figured I would post my version of Major League Baseball’s year-end awards.  Probably should have done this a few weeks ago but better late than never. And by the way, I don’t care about that whole “MVPs should be on playoff teams” bull.  If a player’s on a bad team, and still putting up monster numbers, chances are he’s more valuable to his team.


2013 Week 9 Deli Poll and Heisman Watch

I’m really happy that FSU will get another chance to prove themselves this week, but unless Oregon loses to Stanford I really don’t see them as number 2 in my rankings any time soon.  Miami is a really weak undefeated team, and with VT looking like their usual selfs and Florida MIA, they have little chance to impress voters the rest of the year.

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Florida State
  4. Ohio State
  5. Baylor (more…)

Nick Aliotti’s ridiculous post game comments and the WEEK 8 DELI POLL

After last week’s college football game between Oregon and Washington State, Oregon‘s defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti criticized opposing head coach Mike Leach for running up the score, and passing the ball in the fourth quarter, even though Oregon won the game in a lopsided 63-38 victory, where their own offense score 14 fourth quarter points.

Calling the decision to pass the ball a record 89 times “low class,” Aliotti criticized Leach for taking advantage of the second and third string player’s his team elected to put into the game, in order to pad his team’s statistics.

The truth of the matter is, a team should be praised for trying to win the game even when it seems so out of reach.  Washington State used it as an opportunity to practice against a caliber of athlete that most of its students won’t go up against again in their lifetimes.  It’s a great experience for your athletes.  And just because a team decides to pull its starters doesn’t mean their opponent has to accept defeat.   It’s understandable for Oregon to prefer their opponents to lay down in a fetal position every week after going down 30 points, but the fact that one team was able to take advantage of their lackluster defense is actually a (slight) sign of weakness for the Ducks, who are ranked #2 in the coaches and AP polls.

Until Oregon is willing to kneel the ball every play on offense, the opponent shouldn’t stop trying to score.  The reason they don’t kneel throughout the fourth is that no matter what their lead is, there’s always a .00001% chance the other team can make a come back.  And for Washington State, a 63-38 game is a lot less embarrassing than 62-24.  That’s why Aliotti was out of line.


  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Florida State
  4. Ohio State
  5. Baylor (more…)

2013: Week 6 Deli Poll and Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

All wrapped into one post!

Week 6 NCAA Deli Poll

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Clemson
  4. Stanford
  5. Ohio State
  6. Louisville
  7. Florida State
  8. Georgia
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Michigan
  11. Oklahoma
  12. LSU
  13. UCLA
  14. Baylor
  15. Miami
  16. Texas Tech
  17. Washington
  18. Northwestern
  19. Florida
  20. Oklahoma State
  21. Northern Illinois
  22. South Carolina
  23. Michigan State
  24. Oregon State
  25. Fresno State

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings


  1. Broncos (5-0)
  2. Saints (5-0)
  3. Seahawks (4-1)
  4. Chiefs (5-0)
  5. Colts (4-1)
  6. Patriots (4-1)
  7. 49ers (3-2)
  8. Bangles (3-2)
  9. Packers (2-2)
  10. Bears (3-2)
  11. Dolphins (3-2)
  12. Cowboys (2-3)
  13. Jets (3-2)
  14. Lions (3-2)
  15. Browns (3-2)
  16. Ravens (3-2)
  17. Titans (3-2)
  18. Texans (2-3)
  19. Chargers (2-3)
  20. Falcons (1-4)
  21. Bills (2-3)
  22. Cardinals  (3-2)
  23. Panthers (1-3)
  24. Eagles (2-3)
  25. Raiders (2-3)
  26. Rams (2-3)
  27. Vikings (1-3)
  28. Washington Professional Football Team (1-3)
  29. Steelers (0-4)
  30. Giants (0-5)
  31. Buccaneers (0-4)
  32. Jaguars (0-5)


After three weeks, a team’s record doesn’t mean much.   Only three teams, the Falcons, Cardinals, and Texans, started 2012 3-0.  The Cardinals, having just beat the 2-1 Eagles, only won 2 games out of their remaining 13.  Patriots were 1-2, and had lost to the Cardinals and the Ravens, as were the Packers, Broncos, and Redskins.  All of which made the playoffs.  It doesn’t matter much if you start the year slow, and even though it isn’t promising to start the year with a losing, I still feel that veteran teams like the Packers, and the Falcons will make the playoffs. (more…)