2013 NFL Preseason Power Rankings

Just a disclaimer: I wrote these before Thursday nights game, but I don’t think I would change much if anything.  I knew Baltimore’s offense and defense would struggle early in the year and that Denver’s pass-rush would be lacking a little bit.

  1. Patriots – It’s Tom Brady. It’s Bill Belichick.  With a young ball-hawking defense that’s molding into shape, they have a chance to be special this year (just like every year honestly).  I don’t really care what adversity the team is facing with their personnel, they’ll be near the top of the AFC when the season ends, and have NO competition in their own division.
  2. Seahawks  – The Seahawks were the most dominant team during he second half last season and have the most depth in the league.  Losing Percy Haven for most of the season isn’t really a blow because they were amazing without him last year, and when he comes back they’ll have another wrinkle in the offense for the playoffs.
  3. 49ers – They were the runners up last season and have made some low risk, high reward moves in the offseason.  No reason they shouldn’t make it to the playoffs again, but I do think Kaepernick will have some ups and downs.
  4. Broncos– I’m a little down on Denver now that Von Miller’s been suspended for 6 games.  Without a solid pass rush their secondary will be vulnerable, and it might take the early part of the season for them to get into a real groove.
  5. Texans – I think we know now what the Texans are: a great regular season team with a quarterback that isn’t dominant enough to take his team to the next level.
  6. Falcons – The Falcons got lucky in the playoffs last season and now have to compete with the Saints again in their division.
  7. Packers – They still have a soft defense but Aaron Rodgers and a youthful run game will keep this team in contention all year.
  8. Saints  – I have no reason to believe that New Orleans won’t return to its former glory with Sean Peyton back at the helm.  Defense is still a concern but Rob Ryan will up the unit’s intensity.
  9. Cowboys  – Tony Romo had another underrated year in 2012, where Dez Bryant established himself as an elite wide reciever.  As long as their run game stays active there offense could be explosive.
  10. Giants  –  The Giants always start the season hot, and with 2 early test against the Cowboys and Broncos we’ll know this team’s potential by week 3.
  11. Browns –The young defense has always been there and will be dominant this season.  Norv is a great coordinator and they have the weapons on offense to be a much more explosive attack than we’ve seen in the past.  Plus replacing Pat Schurmur has to be worth at least 3 wins.
  12. Chiefs – They won’t compete with Denver, but with the rest of the division in flux, Alex Smith will revive Dwayne Bowe and the team as a whole.
  13. Colts – I’m scared for the Colts this season.  They came out of nowhere but really didn’t look as good as their record was.  Andrew Luck will take a step forward but that doesn’t mean a return to the playoffs.
  14. Bangles – A real toss up between them and the Chiefs for the wild card spot and I’d hate to see Andy Dalton not in the playoffs, but they just seem like a lesser version of the Texans.
  15. Redskins – Two possible outcomes this season: The Redskins don’t slow down with a healthy RG III and have a year close to their 2012 production, or by Week 9 they’re behind in the division and looking for a new head coach.
  16. Bears – In the long run it’ll be a good move for the franchise, but with a new coaching staff I think the Bears have to take a small step back from their 10 win 2012.
  17. Cardinals – Carson Palmer will solidify the QB position for the team and make everyone remember why we loved Larry Fitzgerald. The only missing piece is a reliable run game.  The Cards have a lot to look forward to, but unfortunately their division is too deep this year for them to have a realistic shot at the playoffs.
  18. Bills – Will the streak of rookie QBs leading their teams to the playoffs continue this year? Probably not, but I think the Bills will be a pesky team down the stretch that pisses off some contenders.  Solid defensive line.  Great running game, and I’m a huge Robert Woods fan.  Lookout for 2014.
  19. Eagles –If any team in the NFL has the weapons needed to run a Chip Kelly offense it’s the Eagles.  Desean Jackson and LeSean McCoy will thrive in the new system, and Michael Vick would have been Kelly’s ideal QB three years ago.  He’ll still be really good, but not great.  And their defense sucks.
  20. Ravens – I’m probably a little too down on this team but I see a Super Bowl slump.  You can’t lose as many players as the Ravens did and still expect to make the playoffs every year.  Joe Flacco may have gotten paid like a QB who can carry his team, but let’s not forget that the Ravens offense was anything but flattering during the regular season in 2012, and there defense will take a huge step back in terms of intensity and consistency.
  21. Vikings – The Viking have had this thing where every other year their team has a really good defense, and during the middle years not so much.  This is a middle year.  AP won’t do it alone.
  22. Jets – As bad as the Jet’s look, I can’t imagin there any worse than last yeay, when Rex got 6 wins out of the unit.  Geno brings some excitement and so does firing Tony Sparano.
  23. Dolphins  – Ryan Tannehill has potential but still isn’t established enough a passer to run the offense effectively.
  24. Panthers  – Even if Cam Newton can play at his best all season, he still needs a reliable running back and a receiver who’s under 30 to help him move the ball.
  25. Steelers – Big Ben can’t do it alone and the talent pool has gotten shallower each of the past three years.
  26. Lions – I have no faith in Jim Schwartz or the defense this year.  It looks like 2011 was a fluke.
  27. Rams  – Jeff Fisher did a nice job in his first season as Coach in St. Louis, but unfortunately the competition in the West is way too intense for a team like this to just sit around during the off season.
  28. Chargers – It’ll take a while to repair the damage Norv did to this once promising franchise.
  29. Titans – I actually like Jake Locker a bit but his injury history really puts a damper on his long team promise.  I have a feeling they’ll be a new coach in Tennessee by this time next year.
  30. Buccaneers – Josh Freeman seems to be one of those guys that no matter how many years they’ve been in the league they’re still considered a prospect. I think it’s safe to say he’ll never be an elite QB, and this could be his last chance to prove he’s the franchises best route long term.
  31. Jaguars – I don’t think a single offensive lineman will turn this team around enough to see instant results.  Their only hope is if Blaine Gabbert shows any signs of life in his second season.
  32. Raiders – The Raiders are trying to lose this year and they aren’t even hiding it.  Can the team start selling Jadeveon Clowney jerseys already?

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