NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

  1. 49ers – A great showing week 1 without using the option on offense.
  2. Patriots – The Patriots generally get off to a slow start while Bill Belichick is surveying his team to find its strengths.  They’re venerable with some injuries right now, but once Bill figures things out they’ll be dangerous.
  3. Broncos – Peyton took advantage of an out-or sync Raven defense and was able to mask the problems in their run game.
  4. Seahawks
  5. Saints – The Saints made a big statement against their division rivals to start the year.
  6. Packers
  7. Texans – Made an impressive comeback but probably shouldn’t have been behind to begin with.
  8. Falcons
  9. Chiefs
  10. Cowboys
  11. Eagles – The Eagles slowed in the second half.  The gimmick (and the players’ health) might not last an entire season.
  12. Bears
  13. Bangles
  14. Giants – Hidden in all the turnovers was the fact that Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks look to be in 2011 form.
  15. Colts
  16. Lions – In the seemingly endless quest to find a perfect offensive scheme, Reggie Bush has finally emerged as an explosive, every down back.
  17. Bills – Nearly upset the Pats even without CJ Spiller as a factor in the game.
  18. Dolphins – This season will be filled with a lot of ups and downs relating to Ryan Tannehill’s play.  The defense looks pretty good, but running back could be a season long struggle.
  19. Redskins – For now, the Skins are a little out of sorts on offense and made the Eagles D look great.  The second half in week 1  is more of signs to come.
  20. Rams – Came back against the Cardinals last week and made Jared Cook look like a superstar.
  21. Ravens- Putting aside the inexperienced defense, this is a really bad offense.  After seeing Bolden light it up in San Francisco last week it makes you wonder if other players like Ray Rice and Torry Smith would thrive exponentially more in a Flacco-less system.
  22. Browns – I’m very disappointed in their week 1, but the two things we saw are that their run defense is elite and Joe Haden is truly a shutdown corner. Once Josh Gordon comes back the offense should take off.
  23. Cardinals- The passing stats will be there this season, and the defense will create a lot turnovers, but this team just doesn’t know how to win yet.
  24. Vikings-  Stack the box and if AP gets the ball, you stop him, and if it’s a pass play, you pressure Ponder into making a bad decision.  This sounds like a foolproof plan until Ponder becomes reliable.
  25. Panthers – Their defense, especially the front 7, is really great.  The problem is Cam never seems to get enough out of his weapons to win.
  26. Chargers – Classic Chargers.  Grab an unexpected lead and the throw in away in the 4th quarter.
  27. Jets – Who would you rank higher, the team that narrowly won against a bad team or the team that gave the game away?
  28. Titans – This isn’t a good team.  Don’t let a win against the Steelers fool you.
  29. Steelers – I thought they’d be bad, but losing Pouncy for the year really puts them in a hole.
  30. Buccaneers – Gregg Schiano might be the worst coach in the league and now his QB hates him.  I’ve never seen a team have so many pointless penalties in one week.
  31. Raiders – Almost upset the Colts in what could be the team’s best game all year.
  32. Jaguars – The Jags and Chiefs had the worst records in the league last season, and the Chiefs dominated them.

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