After three weeks, a team’s record doesn’t mean much.   Only three teams, the Falcons, Cardinals, and Texans, started 2012 3-0.  The Cardinals, having just beat the 2-1 Eagles, only won 2 games out of their remaining 13.  Patriots were 1-2, and had lost to the Cardinals and the Ravens, as were the Packers, Broncos, and Redskins.  All of which made the playoffs.  It doesn’t matter much if you start the year slow, and even though it isn’t promising to start the year with a losing, I still feel that veteran teams like the Packers, and the Falcons will make the playoffs.

  1. Seahawks (3-0)
  2. Broncos (3-0)
  3. Saints (3-0)
  4. Patriots (3-0) – Chemistry was improved this week and they got the run game going a bit.
  5. Chiefs (3-0)
  6. Bears (3-0)
  7. Bangles (2-1)
  8. 49ers (1-2) – A hangover from a bad loss in Seattle led to an inexcusable loss at home.
  9. Packers (1-2)
  10. Dolphins (3-0) –It’s had to make a case for them even being this low, and the only thing holding them back in my mind is history.  What do I value more, 3 games or the previous 3 or4 seasons? Either way, it’s time to take this team seriously.
  11. Cowboys (2-1)
  12. Falcons (1-2) – This is a good football team with a great home record.  But there’s a very good chance they start the year 1-4.
  13. Colts (1-2) – A surprise win in San Francisco doesn’t change my opinion on this team too much.  However the addition of Trent Richardson can take this team to the next level.
  14. Texans (2-1) – One loss doesn’t mean much, but this is three weeks in a row that the team, specifically the defense, has significantly underperformed against softer opponents.
  15. Titans (2-1) – A last second win, and solid game from Jake Locker, against the Chargers catapults them up the rankings.
  16. Lions (2-1)
  17. Chargers (1-2) – Philip Rivers played an extremely efficient game but conservative play calling left the door open for the Titans to come back.
  18. Ravens (2-1) – They Ravens always tend to do this.  Just when everyone gives up on them they do something like this.  Then when people are back on board, they get boring again.  I really don’t know what to think.
  19. Jets (2-1) – Kyle Wilson single handedly ruined what could have been a solid Jets game all around.
  20. Eagles (1-2)
  21. Bills (1-2)
  22. Panthers (1-2)
  23. Rams (1-2) – I wouldn’t be shocked at an upset this week.  The Rams have had the 49ers’ number the last few times they’ve met.
  24. Cardinals  (1-2)
  25. Browns (1-2)
  26. Washington Professional Football Team (0-3) – The worst defense in the league and an offense that is just starting to get things going.
  27. Giants (0-3) – They don’t have any semblance of run game and have a terrible secondary.
  28. Steelers (0-3)
  29. Vikings (0-3)
  30. Raiders (1-2)
  31. Buccaneers (0-3) – Even though Josh Freeman has his fans around the football world, Mike Glennon starting at QB cant hurt this team.
  32. Jaguars (0-3)

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