Ohms – Deftones ★★★★

2020OhmsDeftones★★★★75RockShoegazeAlternative Metal

Through the three stages of the band’s life—an early rise at the height of the mid-90s nu-metal and hard rock craze, a slow fall into somewhat obscurity as the genre faded, and their resurgence as almost a 90s nostalgia act—Deftones has stayed true to themselves and continue to produce high quality alternative metal.

Maybe on its surface, Ohms is just Deftones doing what they do, but over time the band has continued to refine their skills and grow into one of the most consistent acts around.

Sure, no individual tracks will blow you away like the first time you heard “Be Quiet and Drive” on the radio in 1997, or will get even as close to as big of a genre-defining hit as “Change,” but song to song, Ohms is likely their most complete, accessible, and consistent project, and I think arguably even their best.

With “Genesis” kicking the album off, and the title track wrapping things up – my two favorite numbers on the record –the album is smooth and keeps its energy and momentum from beginning to end.

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