LULU – Conway the Machine ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2020 LULU Conway the Machine ★★★★ 77 Hip-Hop At only 22 minutes long, Conway the Machine might technically consider LULU an EP, but it feels like a complete album, and The Alchemist’s production just transports you into Conway’s world, with HARD bass notes, menacing, dissonant synths and gritty, methodicalContinue reading “LULU – Conway the Machine ★★★★”

how i’m feeling now – Charli XCX ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2020 how i’m feeling now Charli XCX ★★★★ 84 Pop Electropop Hyperpop how i’m feeling now is a really good, well crafted pop album that expertly combines Charli XCX’s catchy, simple choruses, with complex production that keep you interested and coming back for more.  It’s a work that isContinue reading “how i’m feeling now – Charli XCX ★★★★”

Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti ★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2020 Whole Lotta Red Playboi Carti ★★½ 46 Hip-Hop Playboi Carti is an artist who has always been more about vibe and aesthetic than substance. His beat selection mixed with adlibs, repetitive hooks and lyrics make for a hypnotic, non-stop, “get hype” experience that all runs and flows together. Continue reading “Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti ★★½”

Ohms – Deftones ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Scoore Genre 2020 Ohms Deftones ★★★★ 75 Rock Shoegaze Alternative Metal Through the three stages of the band’s life—an early rise at the height of the mid-90s nu-metal and hard rock craze, a slow fall into somewhat obscurity as the genre faded, and their resurgence as almost a 90s nostalgia act—DeftonesContinue reading “Ohms – Deftones ★★★★”