6 Feet Beneath The Moon – King Krule ★★★★

20136 Feet Beneath The MoonKing Krule★★★★78RockJazz RockAlternative R&B

6 Feet Beneath The Moon is full of emotion, coming from a deep, raspy voice sung by an at-the-time 19 year-old, thin, ginger kid from London. It’s sparsely produced, with soft, mostly guitar and drum tracks that mix genres like folk, jazz, hip-hop and blues really well. 

It’s not the most energetic album by any means, but the smooth instrumentals with King Krule’s distinct vocals create a really chill groove that just works for me. Most songs are stoner tracks, with either a dreamy, or dark, eerie synths filling the sound out in the distance. I visualize a crocodile quietly swimming through a city sewer at night. 

There are also a handful of great moments that somewhat break the mold of the rest of the album—the high-energy, jazzy “A Lizard State,” the hip-hop influenced “Neptune’s Estate” and the guitar break on “Out Getting Ribs” come to mind.  

The album’s admittedly one dimensional and low energy, which can make its 52 minute run time feel a bit longer than it actually is. I like it, but I’d understand if it dragged on for someone looking for something more fun or traditional from a singer-songwriter.

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