2015 American League Predictions

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Seattle Mariners (90-72)  If you asked me point blank who the best team in the American League is, I probably wouldn’t say Seattle, but once I went through the other teams in the league, and looked at this roster and its upside, the wound up with the most wins. 90 winsContinue reading “2015 American League Predictions”

2015 National League Predictions

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) LA Dodgers (96-66) The Dodger’s and Nationals are 1a and 1b when it comes to talent at the top of the depth chart. The Dodgers have no questions in the field, and a strong front of the rotation, while the Nationals have the strongest rotation in the league and an offenseContinue reading “2015 National League Predictions”

2014 MLB Preview #1: St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals (101-61) Team Ace:  Adam Wainwright Breakout Player: Matt Adams The Cardinal’s one weakness last season was their defense, and improving that aspect of their game was the top priority in the offseason.  The Cardinals cut ties with Carlos Beltran in order to get younger, faster and to steal a few more runsContinue reading “2014 MLB Preview #1: St. Louis Cardinals”

2014 MLB Preview #8-2

8. Cincinnati Reds (90-72) Team Ace: Mat Latos Breakout Player: Billy Hamilton I can’t see this team beating the Cardinals for the division title, but even with there injuries coming into the year I don’t see a scenario where the Reds fail to make the playoffs either. The only real change in the offseason wasContinue reading “2014 MLB Preview #8-2”

2014 MLB Preview #9: The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees (90-72) Team Ace: CC Sabathia Breakout Player: Michael Pineda The Yankees have an extremely wide range of outcomes for this season, and I decided to go by the numbers with my favorite team (partly because I felt it was a way to be less bias, and mostly because it seemed reallyContinue reading “2014 MLB Preview #9: The New York Yankees”

2014 MLB Preview #15-10

You’ll be finding playoff contenders from this point on in my rankings. Since I started writing my power rankings a few weeks ago, a lot of things have changed, most of them injury related.  I’ve adjusted my remaining team rankings accordingly but am leaving my projected records the same (they’re too hard to change acrossContinue reading “2014 MLB Preview #15-10”

Fantasy Baseball: Top 230 Players Projections for Points Leagues

For any of you that are curious, here’s the player order I used for this year’s draft. Miguel Cabrera Mike Trout Edwin Encarnacion Clayton Kershaw David Ortiz Andrew McCutchen Paul Goldschmidt Joey Votto Robinson Cano Adam Wainwright

2014 MLB Preview #21-16

21. Colorado Rockies (75-87) Team Ace: Jorge De La Rosa Breakout Player: Rex Brothers For a team that plays in such a hitter friendly park, I find the Rockies very boring to watch.  They’ve yet to find any help for their pitching staff, and refuse to commit to Rex Brothers as their closer, instead electingContinue reading “2014 MLB Preview #21-16”

2014 MLB Preview #22: Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins (72-90) Team Ace: Ricky Nolasco Breakout Player: Josmil Pinto The Twins’ as a team ranked 29th in ERA last season, and their notable improvement is with their starting rotation. Expecting a huge jump in production would be unrealistic but they could find themselves in the 16-20 range.