2017-18 MLB Offseason Rundown: A look at all of baseball’s free agent signings and trades since the World Series

With the conclusion of the Winter Meetings Dec. 15, here’s a rundown of all the notable free agent signings in the MLB offseason so far. I’m going to try to update this list once a week as the offseason goes on, and will be adding in notable trades at as well. At the moment, most ofContinue reading “2017-18 MLB Offseason Rundown: A look at all of baseball’s free agent signings and trades since the World Series”

2016 NFL Free Agency Review

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Giants sign OLB Olivier Vernon 5 years $85 million Good lord that’s a lot of money! The Giants aren’t messing around, and with the three additions so far (Vernon, Harrison, Jenkins) have completely revamped their defense. Jaguars sign DE Malik Jackson 5 years $85 million After year’s of targeting the secondContinue reading “2016 NFL Free Agency Review”

2015-2016 MLB Free Agency Review

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Cubs re-sign OF Dexter Fowler 1 year $8 million The Cubs brought in Jason Heyward to replace Dexter Fowler earlier in the offseason, and the only question was wether or not the elite defender would be able to make the transition to center field. Well, with Fowler still on the marketContinue reading “2015-2016 MLB Free Agency Review”

2015 NFL Trade Reviews

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Last year I combined my trade analysis with my free agency recap, but with so many trades this season I had to make a separate article, just to keep everything organized.  Here’s my take on the trades that have taken place so far in the new NFL year. Mike Wallace tradedContinue reading “2015 NFL Trade Reviews”

2015 Football Free Agency Recap

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Here’s where I’ll be posting my takes on NFL free agents and where they sign. DeAngelo Williams to Pittsburg from Carolina The story of what never was. Trapped in a quagmire of running back mediocrity, Williams always showed the most potential in Carolina, and got paid like a top back inContinue reading “2015 Football Free Agency Recap”

2014 NFL Free Agency Quick Takes

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Now that free agency’s under way I’ll be giving my flash opinion on the big signings. Nothing fancy, just a sentence or two.  I’ll be updating these as things happen, with the most recent signings near the top. Enjoy.

2013 NFL Offensive Free Agency Preview

Players that will get big money and deserve it: Jake Long Position: Left Offensive Tackle Age: 27 Possible Suitors: St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals Expected Contract: $50 million/ 5 years The first overall pick from the 2008 draft, Jake Long has made it to 4 pro bowls in his first 5 seasons inContinue reading “2013 NFL Offensive Free Agency Preview”