Endtroducing….. – DJ Shadow ★★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1996 Endtroducing….. DJ Shadow ★★★★½ 88 Electronic Alternative Hip-Hop Trip-Hop DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing….. is a pioneering album that set the standard for sample-driven instrumentals in electronic and hip-hop music, and solidified the sound that would come out of most trip-hop artists for the rest of the decade.  Sample-heavy musicContinue reading “Endtroducing….. – DJ Shadow ★★★★½”

how i’m feeling now – Charli XCX ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2020 how i’m feeling now Charli XCX ★★★★ 84 Pop Electropop Hyperpop how i’m feeling now is a really good, well crafted pop album that expertly combines Charli XCX’s catchy, simple choruses, with complex production that keep you interested and coming back for more.  It’s a work that isContinue reading “how i’m feeling now – Charli XCX ★★★★”

The Downward Spiral – Nine Inch Nails ★★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1994 The Downward Spiral Nine Inch Nails ★★★★ 85 Rock Industrial Electronic Rock The Downward Spiral has so many things going for it, and really feels like a starting point for making some of the darkest parts of alternative rock and metal music from the 90s more mainstream. Yes,Continue reading “The Downward Spiral – Nine Inch Nails ★★★★½”

Kala – M.I.A. ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2007 Kala M.I.A. ★★★★ 76 Electronic Alternative Hip-Hop Synthpop Kala is a loud, bangin’ pop record that’s much less hip-hop leaning than M.I.A.’s previous album Arular and more overall about electronic production and creating dance tracks than her vocals.  With an almost childlike, playground chaoticness or aggressiveness, M.I.A. mixesContinue reading “Kala – M.I.A. ★★★★”

Post – Björk ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1995 Post Björk ★★★★ 81 Electronic Art Pop Trip-Hop On Post, Björk delivers both a more mature and more commercial performance compared to Debut two years prior. The vast production and pop styles touched on Post are breathtaking at times, mixing elements of dance, trip-hop, industrial sounds, art popContinue reading “Post – Björk ★★★★”

The Lemon of Pink – The Books ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2003 The Lemon of Pink The Books ★★★ 63 Electronic Folk Indietronic The Book’s The Lemon of Pink is an odd, experimental record that mixes a lot of samples and electronic bleeps with some folk sounding acoustic guitars, live instruments and occasional vocals.  There’s a lot going on withinContinue reading “The Lemon of Pink – The Books ★★★”

Homogenic – Björk ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1997 Homogenic Bjork ★★★★ 79 Electronic Art Pop Trip-Hop Released to-years after Post, Björk’s most commercial and somewhat scattered record, Homogenic really dug into some of the darker, colder and trip-hop based sounds she had used from time to time in the past.  The best part of Homogenic isContinue reading “Homogenic – Björk ★★★★”

Play – Moby ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1999 Play Moby ★★★ 60 Electronic Art Pop Trip-Hop The thing that makes Play a fun listen is its lack of focus. Moby uses a smorgasbord of 90s electronic and pop elements on this record, and instead of trying to meld them together to make something new or fullyContinue reading “Play – Moby ★★★”

Untrue – Burial ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 2007 Untrue Burial ★★★★ 78 Electronic Ambient Dubstep Untrue is one of the most consistent albums in terms of song quality, sound, speed and vibe I’ve ever listened to. It’s subtly brilliant and one of a kind, which makes it so easy to overlook. Without true lyrical lines orContinue reading “Untrue – Burial ★★★★”