J.J. Watt

My Preseason NFL Awards Predictions


1. Tom Brady, QB
326px-Tom_BradyPredicted Stats: 4600 passing yards, 39 passing TDs, 10 int

It’s really, really hard to go against Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in the preseason for MVP, because come the end of the year you know they’ll be getting votes.  Brady loves to show off whenever the Patriots are facing adversity.  The Aaron Hernandez situation.  Gronkowski’s injuries.  The loss of Wes Welker.  Everyone seems to think that the Pats will rely on run the ball this year, but I think Brady just goes off.





2. Russell Wilson, QB
400px-Russell_Wilson_vs_Vikings,_November_4,_2012Predicted Stats: 3500 passing Yards, 750 rushing yards, 36 total TDs, 10 int

With 26 TD on the year, it was Russell Wilson, not Andrew Luck, who tied Peyton Manning’s rookie TD passing record.  Wilson also added 4 rushing TD, bringing his TD total to 30 against only 13 total turnovers as he was learning the offense.  His grasp of the game improved each week, as he showed poise and leadership beyond his years on his way to a road playoff victory.  Even if his stats don’t dwarf those of his rivals by the end of the year, there’s no doubt in my mind that Wilson would have done more for his team than almost any other offensive player in the NFL.

3. Adrian Peterson, RB
Predicted Stats: 365 touches, 1900 total yards, 12 TDs

I just would like to say that if AP does what he did last season, HE WILL WIN MVP AGAIN.  I don’t see it happening, and with voters go crazy over QBs every year, anything short of 2000 yards will just fall short. (more…)