Endtroducing….. – DJ Shadow ★★★★½

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1996 Endtroducing….. DJ Shadow ★★★★½ 88 Electronic Alternative Hip-Hop Trip-Hop DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing….. is a pioneering album that set the standard for sample-driven instrumentals in electronic and hip-hop music, and solidified the sound that would come out of most trip-hop artists for the rest of the decade.  Sample-heavy musicContinue reading “Endtroducing….. – DJ Shadow ★★★★½”

Post – Björk ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1995 Post Björk ★★★★ 81 Electronic Art Pop Trip-Hop On Post, Björk delivers both a more mature and more commercial performance compared to Debut two years prior. The vast production and pop styles touched on Post are breathtaking at times, mixing elements of dance, trip-hop, industrial sounds, art popContinue reading “Post – Björk ★★★★”

Homogenic – Björk ★★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1997 Homogenic Bjork ★★★★ 79 Electronic Art Pop Trip-Hop Released to-years after Post, Björk’s most commercial and somewhat scattered record, Homogenic really dug into some of the darker, colder and trip-hop based sounds she had used from time to time in the past.  The best part of Homogenic isContinue reading “Homogenic – Björk ★★★★”

Play – Moby ★★★

Year Album Artist Stars Score Genre 1999 Play Moby ★★★ 60 Electronic Art Pop Trip-Hop The thing that makes Play a fun listen is its lack of focus. Moby uses a smorgasbord of 90s electronic and pop elements on this record, and instead of trying to meld them together to make something new or fullyContinue reading “Play – Moby ★★★”