Album Review: Angles

Strokes_1-1Angles (2011)
The Strokes

Album Rating: 4/5
Album Length: Just Right
Album Feel: No

For fans, First Impression of Earth made The Strokes sound too polished and mainstream, but 5 years later they’ve returned to their former glory on Angles.  “Taken For a Fool” and “Gratisfaction” sound like they are right off of Room On Fire, while the reggae-esque syncopations found on the guitar part on “Machu Picchu” are a nice twist on their old style.  As exemplified on the albums lead single “Under Cover of Darkness,” Angles is a little more upbeat that usual, but if anything at all that make the album more accessible.  There are a few weak tracks, but with fuzzy garage band rock, droning vocals, catchy guitar riffs and a few welcome hints of electronic production, the brief and effective Angles turned out to be everything most Strokes fans yearned for and then some.

  • Key Tracks: “Machu Picchu”, “Gratisfaction”, “Taken For a Fool”
  • Worst Tracks: “You’re So Right”, “Call Me Back”

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