NFL Power Ranking: Week 3

In the early goings of the Season, it looks like there might be a lot more bad/mediocre teams than actual good ones.  Teams like the Chargers, Titans, and the AFC East might not be as terrible as everyone expected, while the NFC East, Colts, and AFC North look worse.

  1. Broncos (2-0) – It’s hard to tell if Denver is this good or if The Giants and Ravens are just really bad.  Either way, no other team has been as dominant in the opening weeks.
  2. Seahawks (2-0) – They always win at home so it wasn’t a surprise they beat the 49ers.  Those teams are both about even in my book.
  3. 49ers (1-1)
  4. Packers (1-1) – Lost a close one to the Niners in week one and then dominated the Washington Professional Football Team.  This is a great team.
  5. Saints (2-0) – Pulling out a last minute win against a terrible Bucs team is a little concerning.  The Saints defense looks much improved with Rob Ryan running things.
  6. Patriots (2-0)
  7. Falcons (1-1)
  8. Chiefs (2-0)
  9. Texans (2-0)- Despite being undefeated, that’s two weeks in a row that the Texans underestimated a weaker opponent.  Maybe we’re overestimating this team a bit.
  10. Cowboys (1-1) – Lost a close one on the road to a good team and a coach that’s familiar with game planning for them.  Not faulting them for that.
  11. Bears (2-0)
  12. Bangles (2-0) – This is more of an observation than a knock on the team this season, but isn’t Marvin Lewis the most forgettable football coach in the league? And he’s been coach since 2003. How is that possible?
  13. Chargers (1-1) – Philip Rivers might be having the comeback of the century.
  14. Eagles (1-1)
  15. Giants (0-2) – They’re up this high purely on track record alone, but a bit of teams lower on the list have played better up to this point.
  16. Dolphins (2-0)
  17. Bills (1-1) – EJ! EJ! EJ! Looking better than he did at FSU already
  18. Colts (0-2)
  19. Rams (1-1)- Where’s Jared Cook go this week?
  20. Cardinals  (1-1) – Right when you were losing hope they go out and beat the rolling Lions.
  21. Lions (1-1) – Right when you started to believe they go out and lose to  the struggling Cards.
  22. Titans (1-1) – Surprisingly better than everyone expected.
  23. Washington Professional Football Team (0-2)
  24. Ravens (1-1)
  25. Browns (0-2) – There season really starts week 3 with the return of Josh Gordon.
  26. Jets (1-1) – Their not a great team by any stretch but defense is really good and they have a soft schedule.  They’ll be in every game and might be at .500 all year.
  27. Vikings (0-2)
  28. Panthers (0-2) – A coach, a quarterback, and a defense that doesn’t know how to win games, but will always keep it interesting.
  29. Steelers (0-2)
  30. Raiders (1-1)
  31. Buccaneers (0-2)– If they lose another game I’m going to start the “fire Schiano” Facebook page if it doesn’t exist already.
  32. Jaguars (0-2)– And I thought the Raiders were trying to lose this season.

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