Album Review: Nothing Was The Same

Album_Nothing_Was_The_Same_coverNothing Was The Same (2013)

Album Rating: 2.5/5

A slow, piano driven album, Nothing Was The Same is an emotional offering by Drake at his most venerable state.  There’s a ghostly lack of fun, lighthearted moments as Drakes mixes braggadocious lines and toughness with upsetting realizations and R&B choruses.  Aside from a few trap beats and annoyingly repetitive verses, rapping is on the absolute minimum, as are any songs that could truly become hit singles. It will most likely be too one dimensional for true fans of hip-hop, and the chance that anything off the record will be your favorite Drake track is slim, but NWTS is interesting, at times haunting, nonetheless.

Key Tracks: Furthest Thing Wu-Tang Forever, Hold On We’re Going Home

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