After three weeks, a team’s record doesn’t mean much.   Only three teams, the Falcons, Cardinals, and Texans, started 2012 3-0.  The Cardinals, having just beat the 2-1 Eagles, only won 2 games out of their remaining 13.  Patriots were 1-2, and had lost to the Cardinals and the Ravens, as were the Packers, Broncos, andContinue reading “NFL POWER RANKING: WEEK 4”

Deli Poll: Week 3 Top 25

I got one of my 2 calls right this week.  Texas Tech won against TCU, but Alabama won on the road against A&M.  I still think that A&M is one of the only teams in the country that can beat Bama and they’re still the 2nd best team in the SEC, but what this gameContinue reading “Deli Poll: Week 3 Top 25”

NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

49ers – A great showing week 1 without using the option on offense. Patriots – The Patriots generally get off to a slow start while Bill Belichick is surveying his team to find its strengths.  They’re venerable with some injuries right now, but once Bill figures things out they’ll be dangerous. Broncos – Peyton tookContinue reading “NFL Week 2 Power Rankings”

2013 Deli Poll: Preseason Heisman Watch

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Happy college football kickoff everyone! Enjoy the games tonight and this weekend, and keep an eye on this year’s preseason Heisman hopefuls. 1. Johnny Manziel, QB I know winning it back to back is close to impossible and there’s been a lot of negativity during the offseason surrounding Johnny Football, butContinue reading “2013 Deli Poll: Preseason Heisman Watch”

My 2013 Preseason NFL Awards Predictions

MVP 1. Tom Brady, QB Predicted Stats: 4600 passing yards, 39 passing TDs, 10 int It’s really, really hard to go against Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in the preseason for MVP, because come the end of the year you know they’ll be getting votes.  Brady loves to show off whenever the Patriots are facingContinue reading “My 2013 Preseason NFL Awards Predictions”

Kicking Off the Preseason the Right Way: Five reasons the Pro Bowl should be moved to the NFL preseason.

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) Two weeks into the preseason and I’ve already watch more sports over the last two weeks than I did almost all summer.  The games are meaningless and might not even feature everyone’s favorite teams, yet millions are tuning in to see whatever game their local cable provider decided to air because,Continue reading “Kicking Off the Preseason the Right Way: Five reasons the Pro Bowl should be moved to the NFL preseason.”

MLB’s Not-So-Instant Replay

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale) So baseball,  you finally decided to use instant replay to your advantage. Just like everyone’s been saying you should for the last 10 years. Oh wait; you can only challenge certain plays? Oh, a coach only has restrictions on what inning and how many times he can challenge a play?