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2016 MLB Preview: NL East

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

New York Mets

89-73 Projected Record

A dominant Mets rotation–made up of five young starters with the ability to strike out 200 guys a year and consistently post ERAs under 3.00 across the board–was something that had been forecast for the last three or four seasons, but with devastating injuries to Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler in consecutive seasons, it was beginning to feel like a prophesy that would go unanswered. However, after a preview last season helped the Mets grab the NL pennant, we’re finally here. The Mets rotations heading into the season looks like this: Jacob deGrom (27), Harvey (26), Noah Syndergaard (23), Steven Matz (24), and Grandfather Time (42-year-old Bartolo Colon), until Wheeler (25) comes back in June or July.  (more…)

2015-2016 Offseason MLB Trade Reviews

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

Athletics acquire OF Chris Coghlan
Cubs acquire RHP Aaron Brooks

With the Dexter Fowler signing imminent, the Cubs traded away Chris Coghlan, who was slotted to be a fifth outfielder at best. Aaron Brooks isn’t much of a return, but pitching depth is more valuable to them at the moment than in the field.

The A’s are now overflowing with outfield options. After adding Khris Davis a few weeks back, they also have Josh Reddick, the team’s leader in WAR last season, and speedster Billy Burns, with veteran Coco Crisp and Superman Sam Fuld likely on the bench with Coghlan. Coghlan also have some (not much) experience in the infield, so seeing him as a flexible utility guy with a little work isn’t too hard to comprehend. (more…)

Yankees Lose, But Season Not A Loss

by Nicholas Cicale (@nickcicale)

The Yankees’ 2015 season crashed and burned in three hours last night, as they were shut down by the Houston Astros in the wild card play-in game. It was a bad matchup on paper, with Cy Young front runner Dallas Keuchel dominating the lefty-heavy Yankees lineup two previous time already in 2015 (16 shutout innings only allowing 10 base runners). While Yankees pitching did an admirable job against the Astros power-hitting bats, the Yankees offense was predictable useless, scattering three hits through the nine innings. The team looked helpless, swung at pitches aimlessly (Carlos Beltran and Alex Rodriguez had back-to-back 3-pitch swinging strikeouts to start the ninth inning), and just wasn’t suited for a one-game playoff. As a result, it was a boring and uncomfortable game to watch, and the once electric Yankees stadium crowd (wrongfully) let the team have it the final two innings of the contest, booing Brett Gardner to start when he came just short of hustling out a slow dribbler to first base. (more…)

#9. The New York Yankees: MLB 2013 Preseason Power Rankings

#9. The New York Yankees

Team Ace: C.C. Sabathia


Most Valuable Position Player: Robinson Cano

Breakout Candidate: Michael Pineda

Notable Offseason Additions: Kevin Youkelis, Travis Hafner, Mariano Rivera (Injury)

Notable Offseason Losses: Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, Raphael Soriano, Eric Chavez, Raul Ibanez, Alex Rodriguez (Injury), Mark Teixeira (Injury), Curtis Granderson (Injury)

Biggest Team Weakness: Third base and catcher


#25. The New York Mets: MLB 2013 Preseason Power Rankings

#25. The New York Mets


Team Ace: Johan Santana

Most Valuable Position Player: David Wright

Breakout Candidate: Matt Harvey

Notable Offseason Additions: Travis d’Arnaud, Shaun Marcum

Notable Offseason Losses: R.A. Dickey, Jayson Bay

Biggest Team Weakness: Outfield